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Project director: Areti Markopoulou
Project coordinator: Marco Ingrassia

App Development:
 Aurel RichardAngelos Chronis
Data Visualization advisor: Starsk Lara 

The Pilot project of Superbarrio was developed in 2017 in the course Responsive City in the framework of the IAAC Master in City & Technology, directed by Areti Markopoulou. The development of the App was co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union in the framework of the KA-AU project - Knowledge alliance for Advanced Urbanism. 

MaCT Students: Abhignya Grandhi, Alexandros Mademochoritis, Asier Eguilaz Oyaga, Federica Ciccone, Frederick Ajjoub, Iacopo Neri, Laura Marcovich Arboleda, Peng Wang, Pratyaksh Sharma, Sylvain Totaro

The Master in City & Technology (MaCT) is a unique programme oriented towards training Change Makers that City Government Administrations and the Industry and Communities need, in order to develop projects for the transformation of our planets’ cities.

Taking place in none other than Barcelona, the capital of urbanism, this programme aims at redefining the practice of urban planning, urban management, strategic data analysis and citizen-based services. The MaCT focuses on the creation of applied visions that have the power to fuel progress for many generations, by allowing its participants to not only actively wonder and question progress but also, to re-imagine it and choreograph it. At the MaCT we shape the cities of the future by designing new city economies and new models of managing our cities through the creation of efficient, responsive, decentralized, productive, digital and hyper connected systems.

SUPERBARRIO is a project by IAAC - Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
c/Pujades 102, baixos - Barcelona